Web analytics | Google Data Studio

Website Analytics

Recently, I’ve decided to start learning Google Data Studio. And I find DS a more convenient and easy-to-use tool when compared to others. Below are a few notes that I took while following the tutorial of Adam Finer on LearnBI.online About BI tools I’ve been learning Tableau for a while and I totally enjoy creating… Continue reading Web analytics | Google Data Studio

Business Performance Analysis – Introduction | Tableau

Boundless fields of wheat in the east of Ukraine - Image: Unsplash/@polina_art

Hi there, It’s been a while that I have not updated anything new on this blog. But from now on, I’m happy to share with you several interesting things that I have learned since the day I joined the data career. Okay, fasten your seatbelt and follow me to get some interesting insight. Introduction This… Continue reading Business Performance Analysis – Introduction | Tableau

AWS DevAx Workshop

Khung cảnh thành phố Seattle, Washington - Ảnh: Unsplash

Hơn một tháng trước, mình có cơ hội tham gia DevAx2 Workshop do AWS Vietnam tổ chức. Đến nay, workshop đã kết thúc, ai vẫn ở nhà người nấy và mình biết sử dụng thêm một số công cụ của AWS. Về tổng quan, Workshop gồm 4 buổi học trong 4 tuần, trang bị cho… Continue reading AWS DevAx Workshop