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  • Yêu một người khó thế sao?
    Chỉ hôm nay thôi, thay vì nói về data, dashboard, hãy để anh nói về tình yêu, và tình yêu trong anh. Vào cái ngày mà người ta bàn về Trịnh Công Sơn và các mối tình của ông thì … Read more
  • Web analytics | Google Data Studio
    Recently, I’ve decided to start learning Google Data Studio. And I find DS a more convenient and easy-to-use tool when compared to others. Below are a few notes that I took while following the tutorial of Adam Finer on LearnBI.online … Read more
  • Exploring Vietnam | Tableau
    Last week I came across the website of the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO) and I was totally surprised by the number of datasets published here. After reviewing these, I decided that I am going to create a few … Read more
  • Business Performance Analysis – Introduction | Tableau
    Hi there, It’s been a while that I have not updated anything new on this blog. But from now on, I’m happy to share with you several interesting things that I have learned since the day I joined the data … Read more

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